Custom made tree lights up street in De Pere

A 13-foot-custom-made tree lit up in front Ritchie Metal Works, December 20, 2017. (WLUK)

DE PERE, Wis. (WLUK) -- If you're driving down S. Broadway Street in De Pere, it's a sight you likely won't miss.

A majestic 13-foot custom-made tree lit up in front Ritchie Metal Works.

"I started to make this tree and I thought, if I'm going to make this tree, I'm not going to make it half or small size, I'm going to do it right," said Dave Windey.

Windey is the creative mind behind the piece.

He says the sculpture is a part of his new business, Windey Metal Art Sculptures.

"What we do here at Ritchie Metal Works is high quality work, railing, and staircases," he said. "We're known for high quality. I've kind of added that into my metal work, where I'm trying to do something different."

Windey says the tree is completely made from steel and has more than 15,000 reflective discs.

"They're holographic, so it reflects any kind light spectrum, just a matter of the angle."

And putting it together took more than just little extra elbow grease.

"This took me hundreds of hours to make because there are over 15,000 nails, and I needed to tact each nail twice," he explained.

But Windey says watching each product come to life is what he takes pride in the most, "A lot of grinding, a lot of welding, a lot of patience."

The tree is just one of 40 sculptures Windey has created.

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