Chilton students take 'Mohawk Challenge'

Chilton High School students took part in the 1 Million Mohawks challenge to bring awareness to mental health, May 21, 2018. (WLUK)

CHILTON, Wis. (WLUK) -- Some area students are making a difference for those struggling with mental health issues.

Students at Chilton High School promoted awareness of mental health by getting their hair cut or braided into mohawks during their lunch breaks Monday.

It's all part of the national 1 Million Mohawks for mental health challenge.

Those who part took in the challenge say the haircut is more than a style statement.

"This haircut is another way to show that I am open to a conversation; if you need help, I'm here but I challenge you to challenge yourself to make good choices, have a conversation when you are struggling," said the principal of the school, Ty Breitlow.

The campaign begins at the beginning of May to coincide with the start of Mental Health Awareness Month.

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