Cars remain in ditches Monday as people prepare for Winter Storm Destiny

    Cars remain in ditches Monday as people prepare for Winter Storm Destiny on February 11, 2019. (WLLUK/Amanda Becker) <p>{/p}

    BROWN COUNTY (WLUK) -- "It got ugly fast," said director of Brown County Public Works, Paul Fontecchio.

    It was messy Monday morning for drivers in Brown County.

    " 2:30 [am], 3:00 in the morning, roads were wet, everything was OK, and then right around 5, 6 o' clock [am] she started to refreeze on us", said Paul Fontecchio.

    Brown County Public Safety says 160 crashes were reported from noon on Sunday to noon Monday.

    Cars littered ditches on Interstate 41.

    "That area especially has a lot of cross wind, so we know that played into it," said Fontecchio.

    Drivers say the weather also slowed down traffic on local roads.

    "It was messy, but I was driving city streets," said one driver, Susan Popke. "It was still slow going but passable. Not like the interstate or highway 41."

    Susan Popke called the day 'the calm before another storm'.

    "We live in Wisconsin, I will deal with it, but people have to drive cautiously if they need to be out," Popke said.

    "I cringe every time I look at the long range forecast," said Fontecchio.

    Road crews spent Monday treating the roads ahead of Winter Storm Destiny. They're now focused on clearing snow from the sides of I-41 to make room for more, and, they're prepared to haul it to another location if needed.

    "It’s getting to be where there's no shoulder anymore," said Fontecchio. "I think tomorrow morning will be a lot better in some ways. It’s still going to be a nasty commute."

    Fontecchio warns drivers to be prepared if they plan to travel during Winter Storm Destiny.

    "Top off your gas tank, drive cautiously, have your salt ready, have an emergency kit in your car," said Popke.

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