Businesses expect large crowds for Mile of Music, volunteers still needed

Appleton Beer Factory will have 39 sets during Mile of Music Festival between August 2, 2018 and August 5, 2018. (WLUK/Jessie Basinski)

APPLETON (WLUK) -- Mile of Music is entering its 6th year. It's the world's largest music festival for original artists.

From coffee shops to breweries, music is about to take over downtown Appleton.

“It brings a different vibe to the avenue,” said Dave Willems, Mile of Music producer.

There are dozens of stages already set up along College avenue for Mile of Music.

The festival brings 75,000 people to the area to listen to original artists.

For us it’s the equivalent of 3 quarters of the month packed into four days.

At Appleton Beer Factory, music plays every hour from noon to midnight during the four-day festival.

“We're seeing people from both coasts come in,” said Ben Fogle, owner of Appleton Beer Factory. “I think it's gotten to the popularity of a lollapalooza or a South by Southwest kind of thing.”

McFleshman's Brewing has only been opened three months, and employees are excited for their first Mile of Music.

“Other businesses have prepared us,” said Layla Cowper, taproom manager. “It’s just shoulder to shoulder, be ready for the craziness.”

They're making lots of preparations.

“We’re doing some improvements for acoustic sound quality, we’re setting up for the crowds to have beer outside as well as inside, and just have a good community experience.”

It takes 400 volunteers to help maintain those crowds in businesses and along the street.

“It is one of those cool things where a lot of the volunteer shifts are at venues where you can enjoy the music and still volunteer,” said Willems.

And he says if you're looking to have fun and volunteer, there are still opportunities at beverage and merchandise sales stands.

“You're in either Houdini Plaza or Washington Square and some of our best bands get to play those main stages,” said Willems.

See the full set list or volunteer here.

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