Burger Boat Company reveals latest yacht

Burger 48 Cruiser made by Burger Boat Company in Manitowoc (Photo courtesy of Burger Boat Company)

MANITOWOC (WLUK) -- A Manitowoc boat company showed off its newest yacht Monday.

The Burger Boat Company held a christening ceremony for the custom-built Burger 48 Cruiser.

The state-of-the-art aluminum 48-foot yacht includes two ensuite staterooms, unobstructed views, a dining room and plenty of entertaining space.

Its patented hull design minimizes wave movement while allowing for a comfortable cruising speed of 40 mph.

The yacht is customized based on the buyer's preferences, making each Burger Cruiser 48 unique.

The company is building a second Burger Cruiser 48 which is up for sale.

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