Brown County Courthouse dome in need of additional repair

Brown County officials are looking into why the sealing on the brand new cooper dome is already started to dull, May 24, 2018. (WLUK)

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- It's a Brown County landmark, and it was recently restored to bring back its shiny, new-penny-like glow.

"When they were doing the restoration, I thought it was going to be shiny and new," said Christopher Littleberry of Green Bay.

But when you now look up at the courthouse dome, your thoughts might be same.

"The reality is the seal isn't performing as expected. We're not certain why, there could a number of factors," explained Brown County Facility Engineer Doug Marsh.

The renovations were completed last November, but the cooper has already started to dull.

Officials say the copper sealing was supposed to last between five and seven years.

On Thursday, crews from the engineering firm were on the site, checking out the issue.

"Touch it, rub it, put some cleaners on it." Marsh explained. "Get an idea of how it reacts and take some sampling that they can analyze at a lab."

Despite what looks like a large flaw, he says the sealing only accounts for around $30,000. The total project cost was $1.7 million, which was paid for by taxpayers.

"The design work, the construction results have been good," said Marsh. "Unfortunately, this one small aspect of the project, which happens to be highly visible isn't performing as expected."

But before discussion on how much the repairs will be, Marsh says crews first need to find out what's causing the seal to fail.

"What's the root cause, and what are the options to remedy the problem, what's the best remedy," he told FOX 11.

Brown County officials say fixing the problem could take up to six months.

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