Berlin High School honors 17 Parkland shooting victims with 17 acts of kindness

Berlin High School students spread envelopes of “change” and local laundry mat. (WLUK/ Amber Luckett)

BERLIN (WLUK) -- Nearly two months after a gunman opened fire at a high school in Parkland Florida, students from Berlin High School are still finding ways to show their support for the victims.

Students in the school's "Bee Kind" club spent their Tuesday morning visiting with residents at a retirement home in area.

It's just one of the many random acts of kindness the students have done to honor the 17 victims killed during the shooting.

"I really enjoy it and listening to their little bit of advice they get to pass down to us," said Mariah Weiss, a committee member of the club.

Students in the club have also been selling wrist bands to help raise money for those affected by the shooting.

"And our plan is to take the money that we receive from the proceeds and send it in the form of a scholarship to Stoneman Douglas High School," said Amy Wenig, a staff member at Berlin High School.

Knowing that what happened in Parkland could unfortunately happen in Berlin is why Weiss continues to plant seeds of change throughout her community.

"I think it scares people a little bit because they didn't think it could happen to them and we don't think it could happen to us. But it is kind of a reality that we might have to face and we hope we never have to," said Weiss.

Along with sending the scholarship to Parkland, the club said they also plan to plant a tree at their school in honor of the 17 victims.

On March 14, students in Oconto students honored the Parkland shooting victims in similar way, focusing on doing 17 random acts of kindness.

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