Belgian horses at Brown County Fair to celebrate 200 anniversary, plus annual 4-H

    Animals from the 2018 Brown County Fair on Wednesday August 15, 2018. (WLUK/ Amanda Becker)

    De Pere (WLUK)-- “We brought in 14 Belgian horses because the county was founded on horse power,” said Brown County Fair President Steve Corrigan.

    The celebrate the County’s 200th anniversary, the fair is celebrating with more animals and more attractions.

    “They used to do the farm work, transportation, everything we've got some larger, new carnival rides on the midway,” said Corrigan.

    The horses are part of the Meyer Family.

    “I grew up with horses my dad always had horses and we've been real honored,” said Randy Meyer.

    This week he is at the fair with his grandson.

    “We hitch ‘em, we do the 10-horse pyramid,” said Meyer’s grandson.

    It’s a unique hitch created by the Meyer family.

    “It’s just like bowling pins where no one horse is directly in front of the other because of the three in the middle,” said Meyer.

    It's like a sport that takes practice and precision Meyer said.

    “Every set of horses is on lines every line is on one finger in your hand. So, you have that in your control. you can’t look down because you have to keep looking at your hitch,” said Meyer.

    From historic horses to current critters, 4-H is always a fair favorite.

    "This is Penny and she got second place, but last year she got third, so she did a lot better this year," said James Anderson from De Pere.

    Anderson says his cousins got him involved in chickens and now it's the best part of his summer.

    "I just like holding her and stuff and I think they're really pretty," said Anderson about his chickens.

    But when they're at the fair, it's all work.

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