Artifacts of the Packers' Rockwood Lodge training facility resurface

A display of artifacts found at the site of the Green Bay Packers' first training facility, Rockwood Lodge, is seen at the Neville Public Museum, March 8, 2018. (WLUK/Brittany Ford)

BROWN COUNTY, Wis. (WLUK) -- It's at Bayshore County Park, where Rockwood Lodge once stood.

Rockwood Lodge was the Green Bay Packers' training facility before it burned down in 1950.

What lies beneath the surface of the current county park may shed light on pieces of the team's history.

"It was all in the newspapers, that this was kind of a mysterious fire that happened," said Kevin Cullen, Deputy Director at the Neville Public Museum.

Cullen says last September they held an event called "Parkaeology." It gave the public a chance to dig for pieces of the building.

"Those tiny bits of artifacts we found brick, stone and metal nails. So, we know we had a structure," he further explained.

The findings are now being preserved in the Neville's collection room.

He says their findings each hold a story captured at Rockwood Lodge decades ago.

"This is a plate serving, and here is this piece of ceramic that is the same pattern of the plate, that some of the famous Packers ate from," Cullen said. "Hockers Brick Company, which is a local brick company; literally we're holding a fragment of the building."

Using a blueprint, he says they were able to pinpoint where some of the artifacts were in the building.

"This is also probably the bowl of a toilet, which is interesting, with that we know we were probably in the women's locker room area."

That even includes clues to what may have ignited that "mysterious" fire.

"So, it could have been something like this that sparked a fire, it was known that the electrical system wasn't great."

In what he says, has become sacred pieces of the Packers' long-standing history.

"I think the best part was that the public was there to find these artifacts."

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