Green Bay fast food restaurant is latest area knifepoint robbery

The Hardee's restaurant, 2611 W. Mason St., was robbed at knifepoint Dec. 26, 2017. (WLUK image)

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- Green Bay Police are trying to find out who used a knife to rob a Hardees on the city's west side last night. It's the latest in a string of seven similar business robberies in the area.

“Single male, displaying a knife, heavily covered and masked up where the victims or employees can only see a slot where their eyes are,” said Commander Jim Runge of the Green Bay Police Department.

Here is a timeline of the recent robberies involving a suspect with a knife:

  • Dec. 5: Cousins Subs, 2583 W. Mason Street
  • Dec. 10: Subway, 1641 Commanche Ave (Ashwaubenon)
  • Dec. 11: Shell Gas Station, 841 Main Ave (De Pere)
  • Dec. 11: Dollar General, 1152 S. Military Ave
  • Dec. 18: Burger King, 1005 S. Military Ave
  • Dec. 21: Subway, 1007 W. Mason Street
  • Dec. 26: Hardees, 2611 W. Mason Street

“It's time that it can't be a reactive approach towards it,” said Pat Buckley, who owns the two Subway stores that were robbed. “Now we need to look at a more proactive approach by the police department.”

Like police, Buckley advises his employees to not be a hero and simply comply with a robber's demands.

“We just do not want to see anybody get hurt,” said Buckley. “It's not worth the maybe $50, $100 you're going to get out of the register.”

“We want anybody to be a really good witness, as good a witness as they can be,” said Runge.

Runge says two things make this string of robberies a little different than others: fast food restaurants have been a main target and the suspect's use of a knife.

“I think this is the first one we've had in 2017, a real series,” said Runge. “Last year, I think we had three of them and it was always a gun.”

Runge says police are using a few different strategies to try to catch the suspect, but he can't elaborate on them.

So far, police have not released any surveillance footage from any of the robberies.

They say all suspect descriptions have been vague, which is making the case more difficult.

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