Area schools prepare for potential 'walkout' following Parkland shooting

School districts in our area are preparing for a potential "walk-out," following last month's deadly shooting in Florida, March 6, 2018. (WLUK)

APPLETON (WLUK) -- Weeks after the deadly Parkland high school shooting, plans are in the works for a "walkout" at schools around the country.

"I definitely want to participate in it and I already have friends who are going to do it too," said Laura Byrom, sophomore at Appleton East High School.

The walkout is set for March 14, on what will be the one-month anniversary of the shooting, which claimed 17 lives.

Organizers say it's a way to honor the victims and urge Congress to act.

It's something Byrom says she supports: "Seventeen minutes for the 17 victims."

On Friday, the Appleton Area School District sent an email to parents,which said in part:"If a walkout does occur, classes will continue according to the regular schedule for the day." The email also suggests parents, "have a conversation with (their) child about this important topic."

"Other school districts, where they're informing students if they're going to participate in a walkout per se, this is what you need to do," said state superintendent of public instruction, Tony Evers.

Evers says it's up to each school district on how to handle the situation.

"It's kind of whether the school wants to use this opportunity to internally have those conversations; some are, some aren't," he said. "But yes, leaving it up to the schools."

But Evers says for parents, they should consider writing a note, excusing their student from class, if they choose to participate.

"There's discretion there, but if a parent provides an excuse, that is legitimate to get out of school," he explained.

He says it's a decision that will ultimately be up to the students and their parents.

Along with Appleton, the Green Bay School District is also working on a plan in the event of a walkout.

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