Appleton works to clear the streets after Blizzard Evelyn

Appleton cleanup after Blizzard Evelyn, April 16, 2018. (WLUK)

GRAND CHUTE (WLUK) -- For some, mother nature left quite the mess.

"Unbelievable. I've never seen anything like this from two, three days. It's quite a bit of snow," Adam Zick of Appleton said.

Zick and his friends had been out all weekend to help clear parts of the sidewalk in downtown Appleton.

Others were left cooped up inside their homes.

"Mom's car; it was still stuck and mama didn't go to work and we were in the house," said Saradiana Wael Mahmoud.

"Not only were the people in the community struggling with the roadways but our officers too," said Sgt. Dave Lund of the Appleton Police Department.

Lund says several squad cars got stuck in the snow and at least one had to be towed.

"We had about 360 or 370 calls for service this weekend, about a third of those were motorist assist," he said.

Lund tells FOX 11, there were about 24 crashes over the weekend, "Crash wise, it didn't seem too bad and none I know of that were significant nature, with injuries, that kind of thing."

As for Zick, he only had minor trouble with the blizzard, and commends work crews for clearing the streets in downtown Appleton.

"They did a pretty good job for how much snow; the parking spots are like half full of snow but that's pretty good for what we had," Zick said.

Beginning Monday night, crews will remove the big piles of snow.

People can expect to be able to park on the metered spaces by Tuesday.

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