'Prescription for disaster': Appleton man charged with posing as doctor

    Kyle Larsen (Outagamie County Jail)

    APPLETON, Wis. (WLUK) -- A licensed practical nurse, who allegedly posed as a doctor, was formally charged with a slew of criminal counts in Outagamie County Court Wednesday.

    Kyle Larsen, 32, appeared in court, hearing 18 charges against him, including felony theft, practicing medicine without a license and practicing pharmacy without a license.

    The charges breakdown as follows:

    • Six felony counts of theft
    • One felony count of delivery of a prescription drug
    • One felony count of maintaining a drug trafficking place
    • Four misdemeanor counts of practicing medicine without a license
    • Three misdemeanor counts of practicing pharmacy without a license
    • Two misdemeanor counts for the unlicensed practice of psychology

    While Larsen is a Licensed Practical Nurse in the state of Wisconsin, detectives said Larsen was operating under the name of Kyle Ellis, billing himself as a medical doctor of psychology.

    "Quite frankly, these allegations are a prescription for disaster.”

    That's what Outagamie County Court Commissioner Brian Figy called the case against Larsen.

    “He certainly had significant contact with some patients, who have extreme mental health issues that needed real medical assistance,” Outagamie County District Attorney Melinda Tempelis said.

    Police said Larsen admitted to giving medication to some patients under the name “Doctor Kyle Ellis.”

    According to the criminal complaint, Larsen operated a business called Medical Psychology of Wisconsin. The website lists Larsen's address as the location for his "practice."

    The complaint recites interactions four patients had with Larsen/Ellis, including the prescribing of drugs.

    “Kyle stated from the beginning, his plan was to develop an LLC and have a real doctor on board. He stated he had a hard time getting started which led him to do stupid things. Kyle confirmed that he does not really have an LLC. He explained that he wasn't able to afford to do the paperwork to obtain an LLC Kyle verified he did not have the proper licensure as a counselor or a doctor,” the complaint says.

    Larsen admitted to providing some of his unused medications to his patients, according to the complaint.

    “Some of these people had taken all of the medication, so there's nothing left, thereby, potentially endangering their safety without knowing what else they've been prescribed, as well as concerns about what they actually were taking that may never be known,” Tempelis said.

    A former patient spoke about her experience with Larsen with FOX 11 last week.

    “I shared a lot with him - a lot of private information,” Calli Nonnemacher said. “He was doing procedures on me, prescribing me medications that we're not really sure where he was getting it from.”

    The court document states Larsen gave a shot to a diagnosed schizophrenic patient, which he later claimed was a flu shot, and even mixed medications and gave them to patients.

    “He was also using my own medication that I had brought in; we were trying to wean me off something, and he would take my medication, and then kind of crush it up, and make his own kind of, I guess, concoction,” Nonnemacher explained.

    His cash bond would be a hefty one.

    Larsen only appearing emotional after hearing what it would be.

    “Under the circumstances, I believe Mr. Larsen is a danger to the public, and a flight risk, and that a significant cash bail bond is warranted,” Figy said. “I'll authorize, in this matter, a cash bail bond in the amount of $200,000.”

    If convicted, Larsen is looking at sentence of up to 50 years in prison.

    Larsen's preliminary hearing is scheduled for next Wednesday at 9:30 a.m.

    Separate from the criminal case, the state Department of Safety and Professional Standards is investigating two complaints against Larsen/Ellis by customers, as well as reviewing his LPN status.

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