Appleton Area School District to study elementary school day

Appleton Area School District (WLUK /Pafoua Yang) 

APPLETON (WLUK) -- While academic requirements are an important part of a school day, the district says learning must go beyond that.

"Not only do we have academics but we also have the social, emotional learning. We have the fine arts, we have physical education and all the other things that come into making an elementary school an elementary school," assistant superintendent Nan Bunnow said.

Elementary school days within the district are currently around seven hours with time set aside for lunch and recess.

Appleton School District assistant superintendent, Nan Bunnow said, "Just a lot of additional time needed for students, that are gifted and need additional support that way, or students that need an additional boost."

Bunnow said the district will start a research project within the next month to try up come up with a schedule that best fits the needs of its students

FOX 11 asked about the options.

"Really we haven't taken anything off the table; we really want to look at everything and see how it fits us in Appleton, so we certainly have not closed any doors," Bunnow said.

A statement by AASD says, "The Elementary Day Study will look at how to improve our use of time to meet the academic and social-emotional needs of our elementary students in a more responsive way. The Study is part of the District’s long-term continuous improvement plan that involves many stakeholders including families, students, school staff, and administration."

Bunnow told FOX 11 that no decisions will be made until the research results are returned.

The study group will review initial findings in April to determine if any possible pilots should occur in 2018-2019.

District-wide changes to the elementary day, if any, would not happen until 2019-2020 at the earliest.

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