Around 20 displaced by fire at apartment complex in Hobart

    Firefighters respond to an apartment fire on Centennial Centre Blvd in Hobart. Jan. 15, 2019. (WLUK/Lauren Kalil)

    HOBART (WLUK) -- It was a busy night and early morning for the Hobart Fire Department as it responded to three fires within just hours of each other.

    One of those fires was at an apartment complex off Centennial Centre Boulevard -- and it forced several people from their homes.

    “I went and looked out my keyhole and saw lights flashing and I could hear it,” one resident named Julianna said she woke up to after hearing the fire alarm.

    “So I put my shoes on, I grabbed my coat, I went to grab my son and a police officer buzzed into my apartment just to wake everyone up. He was pounding on doors, screaming for everybody to get out.“

    The fire broke out around 6 a.m.

    Fire crews arrived to find flames coming out of an upper unit of the apartment complex. Mariah sent us this video through Chime In at

    Firefighters from Hobart, Lawrence Pulaski and De Pere all assisted in putting out the flames.

    "Initial strategy was to attack the fire from the outside," Hobart Fire Chief Jerry Lancelle said. "Holes in the roof were used for ventilating the rest of the smoke out of the building."

    Officials say they were able to evacuate everyone safely and put the fire out rather quickly.

    But now that the entire apartment complex is currently uninhabitable, the American Red Cross is assisting at least 20 people that have been displaced.

    “There’s a lot of people who are out there that are willing to help, and the American Red Cross is luckily a great company that has a lot of resources and we’re able to get to these people, so at least initially we can find them a warm place to stay,” said Sam Tabbert of the Red Cross.

    Tabbert says the next couple of days and even weeks will be tough for these people, but luckily there are always people who want to help.

    Investigators are still working to determine a cause of the fire.

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