Green Bay Fire: 75 medical calls common for Packers home games

Harlan Plaza outside Lambeau Field, November 6, 2017. (WLUK/Eric Peterson)

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- During Monday night's Packers game, 75 medical calls were made with six people taken to the hospital.

It's the first time the Green Bay Fire Department shared the number of medical calls it responded to at the stadium.

Green Bay assistant fire chief of operations, Robert Goplin, said 75 medical calls is common.

"You have to consider that Lambeau Field becomes a city inside a city," Goplin said.

Goplin told FOX 11 that Monday night's calls were actually lower than previous home games this year.

During the Bears game, more than 150 medical calls were made and five people were transported to the hospital.

"We had weather movement that night and we had lightening coming to the stadium; whenever there's lightening coming towards the stadium, we evacuate the bowl," said Goplin.

He said evacuation can force people to squeeze into more confined places, causing heating problems.

"The game against the Bengals this year, extremely high temperatures, that one had us running like crazy in the stadium," Goplin said.

The Bengals game had the most number of calls with 250 and 50 emergency responses.

"We actually had to bring people from our normal daily staffing in the city," Goplin said.

Other numbers include the Seattle Seahawks game with more than 130 calls, the Los Angeles Rams game with more than 60, and the Philadelphia Eagles with more than 50.

Goplin said the weather and the time the game starts are the two biggest variables.

"The later the game starts, the longer people are out in those conditions which can make an impact," Goblin explained.

Goplin urges all fans to dress appropriately and hydrate.

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