AG Schimel: Hidden cameras could help prevent in-home care abuse

Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel announces the Safe Seniors Camera Program Feb. 6, 2018, at the Brown Co. Sheriff's Dept. in Bellevue. (WLUK)

BELLEVUE, Wis. (WLUK) -- Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel stopped in Northeast Wisconsin Tuesday to announce a program aimed at combating abuse by in-home caregivers of seniors and disabled people.

The “Safe Seniors Camera Program” allows Wisconsin residents to place a hidden camera in the home of a loved one to make sure an in-home caregiver is not abusing the patient.

The pilot program is starting first in Northeast Wisconsin and could be rolled out to the rest of the state at a later time.

Under the program, the state Department of Justice will provide state-owned cameras and memory cards to local law enforcement agencies. A community member can contact the state Division of Criminal Investigation and sign a contract to receive a camera for up to 30 days. Participants will be required to save recordings daily and contact police if any illegal behavior is suspected to have been captured on the camera.

Schimel said, statewide, one in nine seniors have reported being abused over the past year.

The program is based on a similar hidden-camera program in New Jersey.

To begin the application process, call (608) 267-1313.

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