Above average temperatures make for an enjoyable weekend in Northeast Wisconsin

A crowded Smart Cow on Saturday afternoon, January 5, 2019. (WLUK/Amanda Becker)

HOWARD, Wis. (WLUK) -- When it's warm in January, it's easy to find plenty of people outside.

"Me and Kendall started to get bored, so then we wanted to play outside," said Kylie Couillard. Kylie and Kendall Couillard decided to build a snowman, totally aware that most of it would melt by the end of the day.

Winter can be cold and long, but unusually high temperatures brought the many others like the Couillard family out of the house Saturday.

"The snow melts and I don’t have to mess with it. And you think of spring, oh only three months away... getting a little better," said Gary Arnoldi as he ate his Frozen Yogurt at Sweet Frog.

Warm weather in January brought many out for cool treats too.

"I thought, it's so darn nice maybe I’ll get an ice cream cone. I thought I don't need that...the yogurt shop," said Arnoldi.

"Stopping for treats before we go home," said Stacey Jones at Smart Cow, after a day of shopping.

From Sweet Frog to Smart Cow, Frozen Yogurt was a popular choice.

"We just decided to come. We were going to do it no matter what," said Mason Berg.

While some might say frozen yogurt is great in any weather... a few miles away, the winter warm up brought lines to car washes around the area.

"The suns out so that’s always nice, no coat needed, nice and cool," said Brooke Burmeister.

"It's bright and sunny. I just came to get a little salt off the car so we wouldn't have any additional damage," said Orlando Thomas.

While they waited in line we wanted to know, what if it snows again tomorrow as expected?

"What if it snows again? Wow, well I guess we’ll be right back to the same rotation again," said Thomas.

Waiting for another warm day to clean off his car.

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