A new mall selling vintage products opened in Neenah

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    NEENAH (WLUK) -- When most people see a 40-year-old can opener, they might not think much of it. But for Laurie Kimball it brings back memories of her uncle.

    "He had taken this part of the can opener and had it in the box and was shaking it and tried to scare us, I was probably five at the time," Kimball told FOX 11.

    Now she's selling that treasure at the new Neenah Vintage Mall where you'll find plenty of other special products.

    Randy Graham started the business with a friend from Colorado.

    "We got into this because the need was in the Valley and I think the Valley is becoming a destination for this type of product," Graham said.

    The mall has only been open for two weeks and already there are more than 50 vendors. Graham's wife, Shelly Graham, said it's growing by the day.

    "Everyday people were coming in, singing contracts, and filling up their booth."

    Graham said not all things are vintage at the store. Shabby chic, collectibles, real antiques and farm styles are welcomed.

    Graham said, "We aim for vintage, but people define vintage differently."

    Often people think of vintage as something old, but at the mall you can find newer items that have a vintage feel.

    Cassie Winters makes and sells her own products. She told FOX 11, "I go for more of the rustic, so I say rustic and vintage may go hand and hand."

    Winters said it's not about making big bucks at the store it's about appreciating the handwork and history behind every item.

    "It's fun now that the general public can see it instead of having to follow me on Facebook or go on a website," Winters said.

    The mall is located at 884. S Commercial St. in Neenah, Wisconsin.

    Normal hours are Monday - Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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