Kaukauna man defends tractor art installation in court

Kaukauna tractor Tuesday, October 31, 2017. (WLUK/Don Steffans)

KAUKAUNA, Wis. (WLUK) -- A Kaukauna man went before the city municipal judge Tuesday for having a tractor sitting in his front yard.

Joe Grundy called it art, but the city said it's breaking the rules.

The city said residents are not allowed to store vehicles in their front yards according to city code 17.32 3(c)(1).

"You can call it a tractor, but I call it art," Grundy said in court. "It hasn't moved from that spot other than mowing the grass."

Jon Oldenburg, the city's building inspector, responded, "In my employment, I'm not hired to judge things as art. I only judge it as what it's actual value or purpose."

The judge did not make a decision Tuesday on whether Grundy will have to move the tractor.

Attorneys for both sides have until Nov. 17 to file written statements. A decision will happen sometime after that.

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