A closer look at Vukmir's run for US Senate

2018 U.S. Senate candidates Tammy Baldwin (D), left, and Leah Vukmir (R) (Photos courtesy U.S. Senate; Vukmir campaign)

(WLUK) -- Republican Leah Vukmir is hoping to become the junior U.S. senator to represent Wisconsin.

To do that, Vukmir will have to defeat incumbent Senator Tammy Baldwin.

Three days after the primary election and Vukmir and Baldwin have been active and engaging with each other on Twitter.

In one tweet, Vukmir says, "I'll represent Wisconsin unlike @tammybaldwin who represents DC elites and San Francisco donors."

A tweet from Baldwin's campaign account says in part, "I have been fighting tooth and nail to do right by the folks I was elected to serve. Instead of helping Wisconsin families get ahead, @LeahVukmir wants to keep rewarding the wealthy and powerful."

"Money is the key. Challengers spending... you know, it's hard for challengers to keep pace with incumbents in terms of spending but if they can get a lot of money and spend it, they can really make an impact," said Aaron Weinschenk.

Weinschenk is a political science professor at UW-Green Bay and adds, Vukmir's name isn't as recognizable as Baldwin's.

"You're up against a lot when you're somebody who's never won statewide office before. She's won other offices but more locally focused so lots of people in the northern part of the state have no idea about you. They don't know anything about the decisions you've made or how you'll be as a representative," he said.

Weinschenk says the best way for Vukmir to be more recognizable for voters is being on TV.

"Because most people still get a lot of their news and information from TV. I think visiting parts of the state and generating media attention that way can be really useful," Weinschenk said.

History has shown incumbents are hard to beat.

"They have Tammy's record to look at and they know that she's got a lot of experience. She's got a lot of policies that connect back to Wisconsin."

Voters will have the chance to decide in the General Election on Tuesday, November 6.

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