A closer look at viewer photos & videos of Blizzard Evelyn

A look at the Fox River and downtown Green Bay. (Submitted by Russell)

NORTHEAST WISCONSIN (WLUK) -- We asked and you delivered. FOX 11 would like to say thank you for sharing hundreds of photos and videos with us.

First, we head to Green Bay. Russlle shared a photo overlooking the Fox River toward downtown.

As we head farther south, Phenix showed us a train chugging through Appleton.

As the snow continued to fall, we make a pit stop in Combined Locks where you could say Julia is enjoying Blizzard Evelyn.

"Swim season in Wisconsin, we take no days off," she said as she jumped into the snow.

Perhaps, Julia is a reminder of how tough Wisconsinites really are.

April recorded video in Reedsville as a few of her friends decided to go for a little swim.

"Welcome to Wisconsin," a man yelled while standing in water.

Travis, of Green Bay, didn't let the weather keep him from grilling a few hot dogs.

Corbin Joe, enjoyed the snow in Fox Crossing. Another pup had a shovel in its mouth. And, the wind didn't keeping Shiloh from letting the wind whip through his black and white coat.

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Blizzard Evelyn wouldn't be complete with out a few Evelyn's enjoying the storm.

Enough snow piled up so Evelyn could touch the roof.

And another Evelyn in her princess costume doing her best to make the snow stop.

Whether it's a not so easy ride on the swing or so much ice or basketball net won't budge, at least some people can say, Blizzard Evelyn is the kind of storm that will be talked about for many years to come.

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