7-year-old girl collects 'Cases for Kids'

Jada Kuehl shows the pillowcases she's collected Dec. 12, 2018 for her "Cases for Kids" drive, benefiting the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin- Fox Valley in Neenah.

NEENAH, Wis. (WLUK) -- A 7-year-old girl is planning to help sick kids get better rest in the near future.

Jada Kuehl is collecting special pillowcases to hand out to youngsters at the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin- Fox Valley in Neenah.

Jada may be little, but her heart is huge.

She had an idea of how she wanted to give back this holiday season and started the “Cases for Kids” pillowcase drive.

"She wanted to help children,” Jada’s mother Michelle Denter said. “She wasn’t old enough to volunteer, and we came up with the idea to do a pillowcase drive, and so that’s where ‘Cases for Kids’ originated from.”

Jada set out to collect 100 of these kid-friendly cases to make a not-so-fun stay at the hospital more enjoyable.

"Having the new pillowcases makes the children feel more at home when they’re there, and so we wanted to give back,” Denter said.

In just under a month, and now with six drop-off locations, she’s already almost halfway to her goal.

Denter said they have the community and a very generous anonymous donation to thank for that.

“Tis’ the season for giving back, and so we were hoping that, you know, with it being around the holidays that people would open up their hearts more, and so far, they have, and it's been amazing!”

Jada’s mom said she made sure the whole family got in on this holiday project.

From decorating the flyers and boxes, to keeping track of all the donations coming in, Jada and her sisters were involved.

The 7-year-old even came up with her own holiday-themed system to see the progress they’ve made.

"For every five pillowcases we get, we put an ornament on the tree, and I just did it and explained how it worked,” Kuehl said.

Cases for Kids kicked off Nov. 12, and it will go through Jan. 11.

After that, the pillowcases will make their way to the children’s hospital to hopefully help make the night of, at least, a hundred kids just a little cozier.

Cases for Kids hopes to add more drop-off sites for people to leave donations.

The current locations can be found here:

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