Community leaders work to help children affected by opioid crisis in Green Bay

    Council for Strong America in Green Bay. (WLUK/Amber Luckett)

    GREEN BAY, Wis. (WLUK) -- A new report by the Council For A Strong America reveals some of the struggles children in the Green Bay area are facing, especially ones living in homes where there's opioid abuse.

    The Council For A Strong America is a non-profit organization that provides resources for children living in families where there is opioid abuse.

    Green Bay Police Chief Andrew Smith is a part of the council and is working with other area business and organizations to help families in the area.

    "A police officer in Green Bay going into a home where someone is addicted to opioids, it becomes the focal point of their life and all they want to do is use drugs," said Smith. "It's not unusual that an officer goes into a home and discovers no food in the house, or the children haven't eaten all day."

    To provide resources to the children who need it, Encompass Early Education and Care, a daycare facility in the area, has added a new family advocate position to its staff, thanks to the organization and a grant through the state.

    "I'm a strong a believer that we have ignored our youngest citizens for far too long and the more we can support their health and wellness the more success we will have down the road," said Sue Vincent, the executive director of the day care. "In order to have an impact on the child we have to embrace the family. What we do here is only as good as what they do at home, so the family advocate is really to help support that and the challenges of being a parent," she said.

    The goal is to stop these children from following their parents' footsteps and abuse drugs when they are adults.

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