FOX 11 Investigates Follow Up: Local governments take action to combat rats

Image courtesy City of Green Bay.

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- Green Bay residents could be getting some help in the battle against rats.

Local governments are taking action.

Brown County supervisor Bernie Erickson lives on the west side of Green Bay.

“People are just sick and tired of them,” Erickson said. “They see them running in their yard in broad daylight. I've heard from people who have killed two, three of them at a time in their backyard during the afternoon. So, the rats have got to the point where they're not just sneaking around at night. They're just coming right out in the open.”

Erickson led the effort at the county board to secure $5,000 in funding to deal with the rat problem.

“I would've liked to have had $25,000 but $5,000 is a start,” Erickson said.

That $5,000 is now $10,000 after the Green Bay city council matched the county funds.

“I like to be proactive, really get education out there for the people to prevent it. But also, to use it directly for traps and some eradication efforts,” Green Bay alderman Chris Wery.

The west-side alderman says the rat problem is getting worse.

“In my last 15 years, I've never had this many calls. It's moved farther west than I've ever seen it. So, people who have never had an issue now have issues,” Wery said.

The initial plans are for the $10,000 to be used for traps that would be distributed through neighborhood associations. The details are still be finalized but the goal is to start in the new year.

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