Law enforcement license plate now collects money for the cause

Wisconsin Law Enforcement Memorial License Plate (WLUK)

(WLUK) -- A license plate designed to honor police officers killed in the line of duty, will now help raise money for the cause.

On Tuesday, Governor Scott Walker signed a bill into law that will add a $25 fee to the Law Enforcement Memorial license plate.

The plate currently raises awareness but it was not set up to be a money maker.

FOX 11 Investigates highlighted the issue nearly one year ago.

Craig Kolbeck, the chairman of the Law Enforcement Memorial Board, says the funds will help families of fallen officers directly and honor those who died.

"It's going to be a huge financial advantage for the state memorial. Our biggest expense is costs associated providing the annual ceremony we hold in May," Kolbeck said.

Right now there are nearly 1,000 people with law enforcement memorial plates in Wisconsin.

The money raised by the plate will be used in Wisconsin and split between the national and state law enforcement officer's memorial funds.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation says there are currently more than 40 different specialty plates, including nearly two dozen fundraising plates.

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