FOX 11 Investigates report leads to help for Appleton veteran


An Appleton Vietnam Veteran is celebrating his new home with many of the volunteers and companies that made it possible.

Jerry Monson's mobile home on his Appleton lot was destroyed by a government program looking to make it more energy efficient. That happened back in 2014.

FOX 11 Investigates uncovered the problems and held government officials accountable for the destroyed mobile home. The program's insurer paid for the lost mobile home.

The money was used along with community donations and volunteer labor to build a 1,200 square foot, 3-bedroom, 2-bathrooms home on his lot. Replacing the mobile home with another mobile home was not an option due to zoning laws.

Dozens of companies throughout Northeast Wisconsin contributed supplies and labor to build Monson a new home, at about one-third the cost.

And Sunday many of the volunteers got a sneak peak at the finished house in Appleton.

Monson says he's grateful to the community.

"This is wonderful and all these people helped for this whole project," said Monson.

"Jerry's in a home now even better than his mobile home and it's a miracle, absolutely a miracle," explained John Gillespie, a longtime friend of Monson's who coordinated the home rebuild.

An open house is planned for this summer for all those who helped on the project. By then the landscaping around the home will also be complete.

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