FOX 11 Investigates: Contract for Badgers game at Lambeau

A sea of red outside Lambeau Field September 3, 2016 before the game against LSU. (WLUK/Don Steffens)

(WLUK) -- The familiar green and gold of Lambeau Field will once again give way to red when the Wisconsin Badgers return to Green Bay in 2020.

This time, there will be a new opponent and a new arrangement.

FOX 11 Investigates filed an open records request with UW-Madison for copies of the agreement for the upcoming Notre Dame game. We compared it to the agreement for last year's LSU game at Lambeau.

Click here to read the agreement between Wisconsin and Notre Dame

Under the LSU agreement, the Packers paid each team to play at Lambeau. Wisconsin received $3 million. LSU $2.1 million.

Click here to read the agreement for the Wisconsin-LSU game

This time, when Notre Dame plays the Badgers, the schools will basically be paying a rental fee to use the stadium for the game.

How much will that cost? We don't know right now. The agreement between the schools doesn't say other than to point out that the schools would "share jointly and equally" in the cost.

FOX 11 spoke with a Packers representative who said the organization doesn't disclose terms of financial arrangements. But adds, the Packers will still provide operational support on gameday.

Along with the cost, Notre Dame and Wisconsin will also split some of the revenue from the game, including ticket sales, merchandise and sponsorships.

That's not what happened for the LSU game where the Packers were responsible for the costs of the game but also kept the revenue from concessions, parking and sponsorship.

As for the tickets for the Notre Dame game, it will be similar to the way it was handled for the LSU game at Lambeau. But Notre Dame will get more tickets than LSU did.

Tickets in the bowl will be split 50-50 between Notre Dame and Wisconsin.

Each school will designate 3,000 tickets for students and 500 tickets for their school bands.

The Packers premium seat holders will get the first shot at club seats and suites for the game.

Although, under the agreement between the schools, each school could receive up to four complimentary suites for the game with the option to buy four additional suites.

On Monday, Notre Dame's athletic director says it's important that the stadium to be filled with fans from both schools.

"That creates a unique atmosphere. That's the same atmosphere you get in a national championship game. The energy you get in a stadium when you do that, both sides will be very full with a very robust secondary market I'm sure. It's going to be a great atmosphere," Jack Swarbrick said.

"You can always get a ticket in the secondary market it's just based on supply and demand," said Travis Loftus, a manager at Ticket King.

Loftus says tickets will be hard to come by but they will be available for a price.

"Just speculation, going off everything I would say you’re looking at a $200-$300 ticket just to get in the door. It could double that, too. It could $400 to get in," Loftus said.

If you're lucky enough to be able to purchase tickets from one of the schools, you won't find out for some time how much face value will be. Under the agreement, the ticket prices don't have to be set until January of 2020.

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