Cruise ship to make stops in Green Bay

Victory Cruise Lines

GREEN BAY (WLUK) - Green Bay is finally on the itinerary of a Great Lakes cruise ship. Two ships from Victory Cruise Lines will arrive in July, just three days apart.

“We're excited from the port's perspective. It's pretty prestigious to have cruise ships visit your city,” said Dean Haen, director of the Port of Green Bay.

Haen told FOX 11 Investigates the port and the city have been working to bring in cruise ships since 1999. The obvious benefit--money spending tourists.

The Greater Green Bay Convention and Visitors Bureau is helping too.

“They'll be able to get a good taste of Green Bay and hopefully they'll make a plan to come back on a driving trip or maybe fly into our Austin Straubel and stay a few days,” Brenda Krainik, director of marketing with the Greater Green Bay Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The city took advantage of Homeland Security funding in 2005 to upgrade the docks along Leicht Park specifically to accommodate cruise ships.

“Actually we got to do it kind of in a pretty enhanced way,” said Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt to FOX11 Investigates back in 2011.

Green Bay received $335,000 from Homeland Security to install concrete barriers, fencing and lighting.

The cruise ship coming to Green Bay will carry up to 202 passengers paying more than $5,500 on a 9- or 10-day cruise. The stop in Green Bay will be for a little more than a day, but just long enough to get a good feel of what the area has to offer.

“They'll definitely be doing something at Lambeau Field and they'll be riding a tour bus throughout the community making stops at some of our main attractions,” said Krainik.

Tour information Victory Cruise Lines shows local excursions to Heritage Hill State Park in Allouez and the National Railroad Museum.

“We might become a regular destination for these cruise ships,” said Haen.

With as many as eight cruise lines operating in the Great Lakes, Haen says positive reviews from passengers this summer, could translate into more ships pulling up to Leicht dock in the future.

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