WI Senator meets with SCOTUS nominee, Kavanaugh

Johnson, Kavanaugh meeting
Johnson, Kavanaugh meeting (Photo courtesy Sen. Ron Johnson Office)

(WLUK) -- Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) met with President Donald Trump's Supreme Court Justice nominee Wednesday.

Johnson said in a press release the meeting was to discuss his nomination and judicial philosophy.

After the meeting, Johnson released this statement:

Judge Kavanaugh’s impressive legal background combined with his compelling personal history makes his nomination an easy one to support. Most importantly, as I have reviewed his judicial record I am confident of his intent to apply the law as a judge, not alter it as a super-legislator. I look forward to voting to confirm his nomination to the Supreme Court once the Senate has thoroughly but expeditiously completed the confirmation process.

Republicans announced hearings for the SCOTUS nominee will start the day after Labor Day.