Voters weigh in on marijuana legalization in WI

Wisconsin voters weigh in on marijuana with advisory referendums

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- Marijuana is a hot topic on the ballot in Wisconsin. Sixteen counties have voters weighing in on the issue of legalizing marijuana, whether for medical reasons or recreational use.

In Brown County, the advisory ballot question focuses on medical use only. Nine other counties have also limited the ballot question posed to voters, to medical marijuana use.

Four counties--Milwaukee, Dane, La Crosse and Rock counties-- have questions about the recreational use of marijuana for adults 21 and older.

In addition, two cities are looking to measure public opinion about marijuana. They are the cities of Waukesha and Racine.

All of Wisconsin could be watching what happens in Michigan. On the ballot in Michigan is Proposal 1 asking whether to legalize recreational marijuana for those 21 and older.

If approved, Michigan would be the first Midwest state to approve recreational marijuana.

Taxes collected on the sale of recreational marijuana would go to help fund schools, and roads. Cities and counties where marijuana retail shops are approved would also receive tax revenue.

"And when you look at legalizing cannabis for adult usage there are more pros than cons so that would dictate people should vote yes,” said Jay Selthofner, Michigan NORML.

"There's going to be a cost to employers, there's going to be a cost to the community. I believe there will be an increase with children using, I think the roads will be less safe," said Matt Wiese, Marquette County Prosecutor.

Currently nine states and the District of Columbia have legalized recreational marijuana.

In addition to Michigan, North Dakota residents are also voting on a measure to make personal use marijuana legal.