Guy Zima loses city council and county board seats

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Green Bay alderman, Guy Zima's ethics committee hearing was postponed for the second time, February 28, 2018. (WLUK)

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WLUK) -- After more than 40 years of serving residents on Green Bay's west side, Guy Zima will no longer be in elected office.

Zima lost his seats on both Green Bay’s city council and Brown County’s board of supervisors in Tuesday’s election.

“I've had a great pleasure, a great run,” said Zima. “I've got to let the other guys have a chance to catch up.”

On Broadway Executive Director Brian Johnson will be taking Zima's seat on the city council.

“It really wasn't about challenging Zima as it was wanting to help people,” said Johnson. “From just a very early age, as a child, my grandma was always about helping people. I learned it from her.”

Johnson held an election night party at Gather On Broadway, which Mayor Jim Schmitt attended. Schmitt's history as an opponent of Zima's is well documented.

Schmitt has announced this term will be his last as mayor. FOX 11 asked Schmitt if Zima being off the council might make him reconsider.

“I'm not going to miss him,” said Schmitt. “I'll remember him, but look, my mind is made up and as long as the city is in good shape, that is all I care about and I think we took a good step forward tonight.”

We asked Schmitt that question before Zima told us he is considering a run for mayor.

“Give me a little time to rest up, maybe for the mayor's race,” said Zima. “I'm not going to throw any signs away and like I say, defeat is no different than victory really, for me. Inside, I've always just done my best.”

In his more than 40 years in office, Zima has only lost his council seat one other time, in 2012. He won the seat back two years later.

Megan Borchardt defeated Zima for a spot on the Brown County Board on Tuesday.

The margin of victory in both races was 53 percent to 47 percent.