Green Bay ballots caused hold up in midterm election

Absentee ballot
Absentee ballot (Photo courtesy MGN Online)

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- Election returns came back later than usual in Brown County, during You Decide 2018.

In Green Bay, absentee ballots presented one of the biggest holdups.

Brown County Clerk, Sandy Juno says it was a combination of a vote tabulator that was malfunctioning, along with the increased number absentee ballots submitted in this election.

Specifically with the absentee ballots, because of how they were printed and where they were folded, the Brown County Clerk’s office believes a higher number of error messages may have been produced when reading the ink.

When that happens, the ballots have to be re-made by hand. That process is supervised, and takes time.

Brown County generally likes to release results by 10 p.m. on election nights. This time it was pushed that back until after midnight."

"We were just very busy throughout the county, and the city of Green Bay, they just got caught with a piece of equipment that was acting up all day and a number of ballots that had to be re-made," Juno said.

Juno also said, the trend is for more people to vote absentee, not less, and said several clerks around the state would like to see a legislative solution to make elections run more smoothly.