After Labor Day, what's ahead for presidential, WI races?

Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton (D), left, and Donald Trump (R). (WLUK graphic)

(WLUK) -- Political experts say more voters start to pay attention to elections and campaigns after the Labor Day holiday. In Northeast Wisconsin especially, there are many candidates who will be reaching out to voters.

With nine weeks left before the Nov. 8 election, the latest Marquette University Law School poll on the presidential race shows Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are now about even in Wisconsin.

UW-Green Bay political science professor David Helpap says that could prompt Clinton to campaign in Wisconsin for the first time since before the April primary, which she lost to Bernie Sanders.

“If the poll continues to narrow, I mean it already has narrowed, then I think you probably will see some attention," said Helpap. "We have in the past. We’ve gotten a lot of candidates, particularly in Northeast Wisconsin.”

Trump, who also lost April's primary here, campaigned in Wisconsin twice last month, including a stop in Green Bay.

The campaigns are also focusing on three upcoming debates. The first debate is on Sept. 26.

FOX 11 asked Helpap how significant those debates are to the presidential race.

“It’s a good question, because the debates are really where Donald Trump really was able to introduce himself to the American people, and for the most part, he was able to capture the attention in those primary debates," he said. "So it will be really interesting to see what he looks like in a two-person debate."

FOX 11 asked both campaigns' Wisconsin teams about their focus for the fall.

Ofirah Yheskel, Press Secretary, Hillary for Wisconsin: "The problem for Donald Trump is that voters have been paying attention to him, his divisive rhetoric, and dangerous policies for more than a year. Wisconsinites are choosing Hillary Clinton and her plan to build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top, over Donald Trump's plan to cut taxes for himself and other millionaires because they know she will fight for them as president and that Donald Trump is temperamentally unfit to be president."

Pete Meachum, Wisconsin State Director, Donald J. Trump for President: "The recent Marquette Law School poll shows that Mr. Trump is in a statistical dead heat with Hillary Clinton. The race nationally is effectively tied and the Trump campaign momentum will only get stronger. We are touching voters every day and see clearly that Mr. Trump’s message of tougher law enforcement, stopping illegal immigration and bringing jobs back is enthusiastically received. Our volunteers are out in neighborhoods and towns all across Wisconsin and our numbers will continue to grow."

Some other Wisconsin races are getting national attention, as Republicans try to hold their majorities in Congress.

A rematch for a senate seat continues between incumbent Ron Johnson and Russ Feingold.

And in Northeast Wisconsin, Mike Gallagher and Tom Nelson are competing for the open House seat from the 8th Congressional District.

Plus, all 99 state Assembly seats are up for election, as are half of the state Senate seats.

Some other points to watch in the coming weeks: how much will Gov. Scott Walker and House Speaker Paul Ryan get involved in campaigns across the state?

And how many voters will turn out for early voting? A federal judge recently threw out a two-week limit on early voting, so in Green Bay, voters can start casting ballots on Sept. 26.


Mike Gallagher, (R) 8th District Candidate

Tom Nelson, (D) 8th District Candidate

Sen. Ron Johnson, (R) Wisconsin

Russ Feingold, (D) Senate Candidate

Donald Trump, (R) Presidential Nominee

Hillary Clinton has not accepted FOX 11's multiple requests for an interview.

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