Second man charged in Green Bay murder case

    Michael McCalvin (Photo source: Brown Co. Jail)

    GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- A second person has been charged in connection with a Sept. 11, 2016, homicide on the city's east side.

    Michael McCalvin, 47, is charged with being party to first-degree intentional homicide for the shooting death of Guled Hirsi.

    Richard McKinney is charged with shooting Hirsi during a drug deal at a Cherry Street home. McKinney is scheduled to go on trial April 3.

    Charges against McCalvin were filed last week.

    According to the criminal complaint, McCalvin told investigators that he called McKinney to let him know that Hirsi was at the residence -- and kept Hirsi there so McKinney could try to get money back from a robbery a few days before. While there, McKinney killed Hirsi, McCalvin said.

    McCalvin is currently serving a prison term for drug charges in another Brown County case from 2015. A probation term was revoked last month and an 18-month prison term was ordered, according to court records. He is scheduled to make a balance of initial appearance in the Hirsi case Tuesday afternoon.

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