Police on painted rock game: 'We want to inform, not cause fear'

An example of a rock painted as a part of the painted rock game, June 6, 2018. (WLUK)

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WLUK) -- Recently, a painted rock was found with a razor blade rubber-banded to it.

There is a popular children's activity where you look for painted rocks. The national movement is called the 'Kindness Rocks Project'.

"By painting rocks and placing and hiding them in different places," said Gina Anderson, program manager at the Children's Museum in Green Bay, "people can find them and hopefully bring a little bit of happiness to their day."

The activity has become popular with local youth groups and kid-play places, including the Children's Museum.

"It's suppose to bring kindness and spread joy to people," continued Anderson.

Police are trying to figure out why someone would want to taint the game with something dangerous like a razor blade.

"Alerted the police department around 3 o'clock yesterday of a suspicious item," said Capt. Kevin Warych.

Warych says that suspicious item was the painted rock with a razor blade attached to it. It was located in the bushes near the 200 block of S. Adams Street, on Tuesday. Authorities say a city employee who happened to be walking by found the rock.

"Was very alerted by the rock because there was a rubber band around it," said Warych. "Then quickly realized someone had put a razor underneath the rubber band."

No one was hurt by the razor blade.

Authorities and those who work with children say the situation is a safety reminder for parents.

"We want to inform, but we do not want to cause fear. We just want to make sure that people take a few extra seconds, and pause before they pick up something," Warych continued.

"Always safety first. But we hope that this doesn't deter people from still wanting to spread kindness and joy," said Anderson.

If you find any rocks similar to this one, or have any information on the rock police found, you should call the Green Bay Police Department at (920) 448-3208.

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