Man convicted in 2007 murder case

Chad Magolski (Photo courtesy Waupaca County Sheriff’s Office)

WAUPACA (WLUK) – The suspect in a 2007 murder has been convicted and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Chad Magolski, 42, entered an Alford plea last week in Waupaca County court to a count of felony murder-armed robbery, court records show.

In an Alford plea, the suspect maintains his innocence but acknowledges the state has enough evidence to get a conviction. The plea then results in a ruling of guilty by the judge.

Magolski was also placed on extended supervision for 10 years.

Magolski was convicted by a jury in 2012 for the December, 2007, murder of his New London neighbor, James Park. An appeals court overturned the verdict, however, because the trial judge improperly allowed some evidence to be presented.

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