Greenville towing company owner honored for good deed

Fox City's Towing of Greenville is honored with a Real Heroes of the Road award from AAA Feb. 15, 2017. (WLUK/Jerry Van  Handel)

GREENVILLE (WLUK) -- A Greenville man was recognized Thursday for making a difference in his community.

Nick Van of Fox City's Towing was recognized today by AAA and Ford for winning the "Real Heroes of the Road" contest.

The contest asked service providers to share their most rewarding road service experience.

Van's story involved his special assistance he provided to a woman whose car battery died while attempting to flee an abusive relationship.

As a prize, Van's towing company received a new Ford F-150 truck.

Van says he was just doing his job and helping someone down on their luck.

"I replaced her battery free of charge out of my pocket, and also filled up her car with gas and gave her some grocery money to help her make it where she needed to make it," Van said. "I received a letter from her weeks later of her thanking me and gave her the sense that there was good people in the world when she thought there wasn't."

Van says he prides his company on helping others and knowing when to do the right thing.

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