Deer Hunt 2017: Processing the venison

Maplewood Meats in Howard, November 27, 2017. (WLUK/Eric Peterson)

HOWARD (WLUK) -- With Deer Hunt 2017 officially in the books, one of the next steps for hunters who bagged a buck or a doe, is what do you do with it.

The meat inside a round white metal pan, represents what Bob Koch calls a very successful season.

"I got a nice buck, my brother got a nice buck, and my son got a nice buck. So we don't need anymore," said Bob Koch, Shawano.

But Bob Bloedorn says Deer Hunt 2017 was slow.

"We hunt Seymour, Black Creek area. A lot of corn fields. A lot of corn still on. You got to get the corn off, but the farmers don't want to take it off, if you aren't going to pay them nothing for it. Deer stay in the corn. Can't get them out," said Bob Bloedorn, Bonduel.

It's been a busy Monday at Maplewood Meats in Howard.

"When it's this big of a rush, and the line is usually by the door most of the day," said Brad Van Hemelryk, Maplewood Meats Plant Manager.

Van Hemelryk says Maplewood doesn't process whole deer. Hunters bring in cut up pieces, and place their order.

"Summer sausage, snack sticks are very popular, but we are a little bit different than other processors. We definitely go out, and provide more variety. Whether it's bacon, or we offer at least six different flavors of brats," said Van Hemelryk.

Venison samples tempt those waiting in line, but many hunters know what they want.

"Make some sausage, and some ring bologna. That's good stuff. That's what all the hunters in our group like," said Bloedorn.

"Summer sausage. And I usually get garlic. Because that's what my son likes and I got to send it to California, because that's where he came from for the hunt. So that's the way it goes," said Koch.

With his order complete, Bob Koch and his metal pan headed out. His garlic flavored venison sausage should be ready in two months.

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