Court upholds zoning ordinance in fight with strip club

File photo of gavel. (WLUK/Scott Hurley)

(WLUK) – A state appeals court has ruled in Winnebago County’s favor in a zoning fight with a strip club.

Green Valley Investments, which operates Stars Cabaret in the town of Neenah, had challenged the county’s zoning law. After a case in federal court -- which ruled part of the county’s ordinance invalid -- the legal question remained if the remainder of the county’s ordinance was still valid.

In a 12-page decision issued Wednesday, the Court of Appeals ruled in the county’s favor.

“We affirm as WINNEBAGO ZONING ORDINANCE § 17.13(6), with the permitting process severed, is a valid restraint on the location of adult entertainment establishments in Winnebago County. Green Valley knowingly opened Stars in violation of the valid zoning provisions under § 17.13(6) in 2006, and Green Valley has no vested right to continue its operation of Stars,” the court ruled.

Company attorney Jeff Scott Olson said he's considering appealing to the state Supreme Court.


The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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