School Lunch Tips & Tricks

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Dr. Lynn Wagner and her daughter Zita share some of their favorite tips and tricks to getting school lunches packed every week. Take a look.

Dr. Wagner's Recipe Builder:

I love water because it is so important for health! I try to steer away from sugary drinks, soda and fruit juices. Though sometimes having a fun drink with dinner makes the experience that much better! To enjoy the best of both worlds, my kids invented their favorite drink: The Spritzer!

Use the ingredients below to build a few of my favorite spritzer combos!


A beautiful glass


Sparkling water

100% fruit juice(fresh is best)

Flair Options:

Cayenne pepper


Fresh ginger

Fresh lavender

Fresh lemon juice

Fresh lime juice

Fresh mint


Pure maple syrup

Whole berries


Pour base in a beautiful glass (simple touches make it better).Add flair to glass. Combine 1 part juice to 3 parts sparkling water but this is flexible. Add additional flair as desired. Hand muddle ingredients to increase flavor.

Spritzer Examples:

Honey, ginger and lemonade

Mint and lime juice

Cayenne pepper and lemon juice

Cucumber and lavender

Note: When transitioning from soda or 100% fruit juice, start slowly with more juice than water and slowly decrease the amount of juice you use.

Dr. Wagner also hosts a Food for Fuel program, to visit her site for more information click here.

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