Upscale your tailgate with recipes from Foster Deadman

Upscale your tailgate. (C/O Emily Deem FOX 11 News)

You can upscale your tailgate with tasty recipes from Foster Deadman!

Deadman is the Food Fanatic Chef for US Foods.

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Barbacoa Brunch Skillet:

2ea. Fried egg’s done to your liking with butter of course

3 oz. beef barbacoa (Hot)

1 oz. pico de gallo

4 oz. roasted potatoes

1 oz. caramelized onion jam

1 oz. Bacon

Pinch fresh chopped herbs

TT salt and pepper

Fresh greens to garnish


1) With your grill on high heat up a medium iron skillet with the bacon and render till crispy

2) Add your roasted potatoes and season with salt and pepper

3) Add onion jam and herbs

4) Top with Barbacoa

5) Garnish with Fried eggs and fresh greens and pico de gallo (for the at least pretend healthy approach)

6) Get your party started!

Grass Fed Sea Salt Strip loins and fusion broccolini

1 ea. 12 oz. Grass Fed NY strip (marinate over night with olive oil, sea salt and fresh ground pepper

2 oz. Broccolini (Blanched)

2 oz. pico de gallo

1 tsp olive oil

1 clover sliced fried garlic

TT salt and pepper

TT Togarashi seasoning

1 tsp Worcestershire reduction (good for those bloody mary’s too!!!, Simply reduce by ½)


1) With your grill heated to medium place your steaks on the grill and cook to the desire level of doneness you are looking for)

2) Just before your steaks are ready toss the broccollini with the olive oil, salt and pepper

3) Place on the grill and char lightly

4) Remove the broccolini from the grill and toss with the sliced fried garlic and togarashi pepper blend

5) Garnish steaks with pico de gallo

6) Enjoy!!

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