Touring display gardens and miniature plants at Rose-Hill Gardens

Rose Hill Gardens

Leo Bordeleau knows Hostas. His knowledge of the shade plants is evident as you tour through the many display gardens throughout his property. Rose-Hill Gardens carries 150 cultivars of Hostas. Bordeleau showed us some of the bright perennials that are blooming in the sun gardens right now. Rose-Hill Gardens specializes in daylilies, hostas, heuchera, lilies, hypertufa planters and the newest cultivars of perennials.

Bordeleau also showed us how they are delving into the world of miniature plants. Bordeleau makes hypertufa planters that he fills with a variety of different small plants, including miniature conifers. Rose-Hill Gardens has more than 100 different types of miniature perennials.

Rose-Hill Gardens is located in Hobart, two miles west of Green Bay.


472 Rose-Hill Dr. - Hobart

Phone: (920) 869-2540

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