The journey of recycling in Outagamie County

Justin Steinbrinck gave us a preview of how products are recycled at the Outagamie County Recycling and Solid Waste, January 11, 2018, (WLUK/Justin Steinbrinck)

LITTLE CHUTE (WLUK) -- You put your garbage and recycling bins out at the end of your driveway, without ever giving another thought to who takes them, where they go, and what happens to those items from that point.

Today, Justin Steinbrinck set out to continue along the journey of our recycled items, as he spent the morning at Outagamie County Recycling and Solid Waste to see what the process entails for recycling items from our everyday life, and to discover some of the "dos and don'ts" for proper recycling here in northeast Wisconsin.

For more information on Outagamie County Recycling and Solid Waste, click here.

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