Sunday Brunch with The Attic Books & Coffee

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- The Attic Books & Coffee is a coffee shop with a full coffee/espresso bar, and get our beans locally, from La Java in Howard. The tea selection is currently over 80 varieties-- some seasonal, some blended in-house, many organic. Most baked goods come from local bakeries, as they are a local business that likes supporting other local businesses. They are also a used book store, and carry a variety coffee- and tea-related retail items.

The Sunday Brunch menu is new in 2017 and includes items like:

Classic Egg Sandwich. It's a grilled ciabatta roll with homemade thyme butter, an egg baked with thyme, ham, and cheddar cheese. (On our brunch menu we also offer a Denver omelette-inspired egg sandwich-- that one has green pepper and onion instead of cheddar, and doesn't have thyme butter.)

Mediterranean wrap. We haven't had any wraps before on the lunch menu; they're new for the brunch menu (the other options are the All-American and South of the Border wraps, but the Mediterranean is the most visually appealing). This wrap is a flour tortilla with pesto, spinach, red bell pepper, feta cheese, and scrambled eggs. As we don't have a stove top in the store, we "scramble" the eggs ahead of time by baking them.

They also have grab-n-go items, including fruit/yogurt/granola parfaits and cheese & sausage kabobs. We put both together in-house, and the kabobs use local products-- our sausages come from Maplewood Meats, and the cheese is from Nala's Fromagerie.

For more information on The Attic Books & Coffee, click here.

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