Proper glassware for beer with Stillmank Brewing Company

(WLUK) -- The glassware that we use to consume beer plays an important role in the overall experience of enjoying the various styles. Stillmank Brewing Company has been able to get our hands on some of the first beer glassware from the Italian crystal glass maker Luigi Bormioli. Stillmank will be hosting a 90-minute class on the use of glassware, and its impact on beer flavor and experience. There will be four different beer and glassware pairings during this beer school event, and all participants will get to take their four glasses with them at the end of class

Brad Stillmank of Stillmank Brewing Company joined us in studio this morning for a preview of what to expect at this evening's event.

For more information on the Beer School: Glassware event, click here.

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