National Bike to School Day at Fort Howard Elementary in Green Bay

Bike to School Day.jpg

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- Today is National Bike To School Day and students and staff at many different spots will be participating around northeast Wisconsin, including Fort Howard Elementary in Green Bay.

May is a busy month for bike safety education, too, for the Center for Childhood Safety which wants to make sure children and their families have a good understanding for proper safety procedures and rules of the road, here in the busy riding season of spring and summer.

Justin Steinbrinck spent some time at Fort Howard Elementary ahead of today's bike event, and spoke with those participating to find out the importance of this day, and the safety awareness that it can bring.

For more information on National Bike to School Day, click here.

For more information, or to register for this summer's 'Safety Town' through the Center for Childhood Safety, click here.

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