Monitoring the sky with the National Weather Service - Green Bay

National Weather Service (Courtesy: WLUK) 4-12-18

ASHWAUBENON (WLUK) -- As Tornado and Severe Weather Awareness Week continues, the meteorologists at the National Weather Service's Green Bay office are always monitoring for any weather threat to our lives and property, and they have some unique ways of keeping an eye on the sky.

Thursday morning, Justin Steinbrinck joined them for the daily weather balloon launch to learn more about why they do this every day, and what they learn from this technology floating through the sky.

In addition, they were telling us more about the Doppler radar system that is used to monitor the sky for a variety of aspects of inclement weather. It is a unique job with the opportunity to utilize some rare equipment, as well, and we are learning all about their job and what it takes to keep Northeast Wisconsin safe in all sorts of weather phenomena.

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