Kaukauna High School senior creates puppy prosthetic

Ben Brochtrup, a senior at Kaukauna High School, fits Grey, a golden retriever, with a prosthetic leg March 16, 2018. (WLUK image)

KAUKAUNA (WLUK) -- Kaukauna High School's engineering program is making a difference for a puppy in need.

FOX 11's Lauren Kalil was live from the high school Friday, showing us how one of the senior student engineers created a prosthetic for a three-legged dog.

Senior Ben Brochtrup fitted the dog, Grey, with the prosthetic leg that he printed using a 3D printer in the high school's Fab Lab.

The project came about when KHS Engineering teacher Nels Lawrence wanted his students to come up with a device that would help someone with a disability.

Once Brochtrup was introduced to Grey, he took measurements of the much shorter right paw.

Since Grey is still a growing dog, it was important that the prosthetic could grow with Grey and continue to be functional with age. Brochtrup then created a modular design of a 20-piece adjustable prosthetic that will fit with Grey’s existing elbow joint, giving him a natural range of motion.

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