Great tips for staying safe over the Christmas shopping season

Holiday Safety

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- Jason Weber of the Fox Crossing Police Department is talking Christmas safety.

Shopping Safety

  • Park in well lit areas and always lock your doors. Way too many thefts are crimes of opportunity!

  • Pay attention as you are out and about. Too many people are distracted by their smart phone and thieves are looking for that.

  • Don’t leave anything in plain sight in your car – lock in the trunk or in covered in the back of an SUV/minivan.

  • Avoid carrying a lot of cash – use credit cards. Credit is better than debit cards in the event they are compromised. A credit card does not tie into your bank accounts.

  • Check online accounts for your activity! Scrutinize all charges!

  • Ladies – be careful with your purse! Don’t leave it unattended in the shopping cart. Many thefts of purses are a result of this!

Home Safety

Package thefts are a huge issue!

  • Sign up for tracking notification
  • If you know that you will be gone, have it delivered to work or a neighbor
  • Consider a doorbell camera

Home safety when gone

  • Many agencies offer vacation house checks.
  • Have a neighbor shovel snow and get mail/paper
  • Lights on timers
  • Have a charged cell phone when in the car in case something happens
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